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Great price, great product is at the heart of online retail competitiveness.
If you are sharing the same view to create a successful online business, Fonder is the perfect platform to grow your business from online to become a leading brand of tomorrow.

Store-Builder Facility

Setup your store with ease as inventory, shipping and customer service platform are integrated within the store builder.

Marketing Tools

mSellers will be able to access to the tools available to create successful affiliation, marketing and various other campaigns and solutions.

Fonder's Existing Web Traffic

Ride on fonder.com existing daily traffic to conveniently reach out to more customers instantly.

Technological Expertise

Fonder shares its online shopping platform to reduce implementation time, cost, security, flexibility and payment.

Our Category List

Product Category

Types of Products

Conditions Allowed

Approved Required


Consumer Electronics,Computers and Communication

New, Refurbished

No, but may be required for specific products1

Baby & Toys

Maternity, Baby, Children products and more




Skin care, cosmetic, body care and more


No, but may be required for specific products1


Clothing, accessories and more


No, but may be required for specific products1


Fresh flowers, gift ideas and more



Home & Living

Furniture, Kitchen, Lifestyle and more

New, Refurbished



Fine Jewellery, Wearable accessories and more




Fitness gear, sports equipment, wearable and more


No, but may be required for specific products1

1While listing in the Consumer Electronics, Computers, Communication, Beauty, Fashion and Sports categories is generally open to all sellers, specific products may require pre-approval.

How to Start

Apply for an mSeller account

Personalised and prepare your store

Start selling and ship to customers

Get paid on time


Please drop us an email with information (mseller@fonder.com):

  1. product type
  2. website url (if you have one)
  3. list of the shopping platform you're using currently
  4. Your name, contact number...