Fonder Fans FAQ

How does "Fonder Fans Reward system" work?

To qualify for "Fonder Fans Reward System"

  • A) First you must be a fans.
  • B) Secondly share the motto: "live a fonder life".

Different from most of affiliate programs where you are rewarded from a referral purchase only once. At Fonder, we continue to share the profit with you from a single referred user until it reached the maximum cap of $100.

So once you collect a few hundred of referred users under your account, you can receive cash reward everyday.

The more your referred users spent, the more cash reward you will be receiving.

What is the next step after signup?

After you signup as Fonder Fans, simply start using your social media account to "SHARE" our information to your peers or network, it can be through Facebook, Email, or your word of mouth.

  • A) from account

    under the tab: Fonder Fans > share > Facebook

    Look-out for the daily social sharing content to share on your Facebook account.

  • B) To make your sharing on facebook even simpler, you could configure through our system to automatically post the sharing content into your FB account at your designated frequency, it could be :

    • 1) every 2 hours
    • 2) every 6 hours
    • 3) every 12 hours
    • 4) every 24 hours
    • 5) every 2 days
    • 6) every 3 days
    • 7) every week

How to make $2000 per month?

A) As our Fonder Fans are being rewarded for every successful referral until your reward from each referred user reaches the maximum cap of $100. If you have accumulated hundreds of referral users after a few weeks of "hard work", based on our statistics you will receive cash reward everyday, and the monthly income from reward can easily be above $2000.

B) You can check the list of your referred users and rewards transaction activity from your Fonder fans account. It is updated on a real-time basis.

Why is it possible to make $100,000 within two years?

Since we reward fonder fans up to $100 eventually for each of your referred user through the accumulated orders your referred user placed on fonder website, if you managed to have 1000 referred users under your fonder fans account, eventually you can profit $100,000 from them.

$100 X 1000 = $100,000

How do i get paid?

Payments will be automatically added to your Fonder account balance once every two weeks., you can withdraw it to your bank account any time.

What is the definition of a "referred user".

The definition of a "referred user":

  • A) Firstly, a "referred user" is required to be a registered user on fonder website and with your hidden referral code indicated during registration. (In certain cases that our system may be unable to track where a user is referred from, ie: A user initially referred to fonder website through your postings on Facebook on his mobilephone, but subsequently created a fonder account from her/his desktop)
  • B) When the user register for the first time on fonder, or signing-in on fonder through Facebook account for the first time, our system can trace that he/she is referred by you.